Magnesium Lotion
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Magnesium Lotion

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This Magnesium Lotion is made with the purest form of Magnesium Chloride. Each Bottle contains approximately 1/2 cup of Magnesium oil blended in my Vegan Lotion which makes it user friendly and non-irritating. Rub onto the bottom of your feet, stomach, and on and area where you have aches and pains. Did you know you absorb more trans-dermal than Orally? When taking a very high-grade Magnesium supplement you are only absorbing 30% of dosage and can irritate your digestive system. Listed here below are a few benefits of Magnesium also known as the Miracle Mineral! Pain: Headaches Muscle Spasms Muscle Cramps Fibromyalgia Mental Health and Sleep: Anxiety Depression Autism and ADD Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Insomnia Tics Other Conditions: Psoriasis, Acne and Eczema Asthma Blood Pressure Diabetes Osteoporosis *NOT FDA REGULATED DO NOT DISCONTINUE ANY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION
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